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Laser frequency stabilization for laser cooling of Rb atoms

Julia Gamper, bachelor project 2022

For my Bachelor thesis I was able to work as a part of the Hybrid Quantum Optics project together with Hannes Busche and Cedric Wind.

The aim of my project was to build the laser locking setup for the lasers at 780nm which includes a reference laser and two lasers which are going to be used in a magneto optical trap (MOT). Therefore I built the needed optics and electronics to make this possible.

First of all, one of the three lasers has been frequency stabilized onto an ultra-stable external reference cavity. This stabilized laser can then be used as reference for additional lasers at 780nm e.g. for the two lasers which are going to be used in the MOT.

These two lasers need to be stabilized with a certain frequency offset to make sure they are at the transition needed, one for exciting the Rubidium atoms and the other one is going to be used as a repumper. This is why the lasers are phase-locked relative to the reference laser.
It is now possible to use the lasers in the MOT as soon as it is built and the reference laser can also be used as a reference for additional lasers at 780nm e.g for the first step in Rydberg excitation.

Julia Gamper
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Julia did her project on the laser system for the Hybrid Quantum Optics project

Hybrid Quantum Optics laser system

A close look at the Hybrid Quantum Optics laser system.

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