Hybrid Quantum Optics


We are getting our new labs ready for the hybrid quantum optics experiment. This picture shows the laser setup as of October 2021

Superatom in chip -- rendering from QuLMI.png

One of our goals is to couple ensembles of strongly interacting Rydberg atoms to integrated optical waveguides to implement networks of single-photon devices based on Rydberg nonlinear optics "on a chip"


We also plan to use our setup to interface Rydberg atoms with superconducting microwave circuits and optomechanical oscillators.

The Hybrid Quantum Optics (HQO) project combines nonlinear quantum optics based on the strong interactions between atomic Rydberg excitations with integrated photonics and optomechanical systems. Based on the former, a large variety of single-photon devices has been demonstrated over the last decade, for example single-photon sources, optical transistors and switches, single photon subtractors, and quantum gates for optical qubits. Building on our experience from the RQO project, we are now aiming to realize such quantum devices on photonic chips for example to implement cascaded quantum systems devices or to achieve coherent optical readout of neutral-atom qubit arrays.

For this purpose, we are constructing a new and innovative cryogenic ultracold atom apparatus that will allow us to trap and manipulate atoms near integrated photonic chips cooled to 4 K. Besides the reduction of thermally induced noise, the improved vacuum conditions will allow for rapid changes to the experiment, such as the exchange of chips in a matter of days rather than weeks as it is the case for traditional cold atom setups. The cryogenic environment will also help to suppress blackbody-induced decay of Rydberg excitations which is an important limitation in current quantum simulation and information processing experiments with Rydberg atoms.

Currently, the new experiment is being designed, and the laser system is being built.

The chamber design with magnetic transport is planned to look like this:

HQO optics

If you are interested in joining the project for a BSc or MSc project, as a PhD researcher or postdoc, please contact Sebastian Hofferberth.

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