Finished theses from our group

Here you can download the theses from our group.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Mogens From, Towards Rydberg quantum optics with ultra-cold Yb atoms, Master thesis, 18/06/2021

Mikkel Have Eriksen, Thermo- and Electro-Optical Nonlinearity in Atom-Plasmon Interactions4,  Master thesis, 18/06/2021

Mikkel Gaard Hansen, Precision Measurements in a Rydberg Quantum Optics Experiment5, Master thesis, 11/06/2021


Christoph Braun, Implementation of a Raman Sideband Cooling for 87Rb, Bachelor, 15/10/2015

Thomas Dieterle, Characterization of a single ion detector in a Rydberg experiment, Bachelor, 15/10/2015

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