Finished theses from our group

Here you can download the theses from our group.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Nina Stiesdal, Collective atom-light interactions with Rydberg superatoms, PhD thesis, 28/02/2022

Julia Gamper, Frequenzstabilisierung zur Laserkühlung von Rubidium, Bachelor thesis, 17/02/2022


Mogens From, Towards Rydberg quantum optics with ultra-cold Yb atoms, Master thesis, 18/06/2021

Mikkel Have Eriksen, Thermo- and Electro-Optical Nonlinearity in Atom-Plasmon Interactions,  Master thesis, 18/06/2021

Mikkel Gaard Hansen, Precision Measurements in a Rydberg Quantum Optics Experiment, Master thesis, 11/06/2021


Christoph Braun, Implementation of a Raman Sideband Cooling for 87Rb, Bachelor, 15/10/2015

Thomas Dieterle, Characterization of a single ion detector in a Rydberg experiment, Bachelor, 15/10/2015

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