NQO Group

On this page you find current and former group members.

Current members

Avatar Wind

Cedric Wind

+49 228 73-3485

Avatar Busche

Hannes Busche

+49 228 73-62146

Avatar Pfeiffer

Hannes Pfeiffer

+49 228 73-6580

Avatar Zhao

Jiachen Zhao

+49 228 73-3227

Avatar Gamper

Julia Gamper

+49 228 73-3480

Avatar Ahlheit

Lukas Ahlheit

+49 228 73-62146

Avatar Tenbrake

Lukas Tenbrake

+49 228 73-6580

Avatar Stiesdal

Nina Stiesdal

+45 228 73-3485

Avatar Kardala

Panagiota Kardala

+49 228 73-3227

Avatar Valdivia

Roberto Valdivia

+49 228 73-6580

Avatar Hofferberth

Sebastian Hofferberth

+49 228 73-3478

Avatar Muthu-Arachchige

Thilina Muthu-Arachchige

+49 228 73-3430

Avatar Naggert

Tina Naggert

+49 228 73-3477

Former members

Avatar Rothganger de Paiva

Rafael Rothganger de Paiva

Postdoc on the YQO experiment 2018-2021
Avatar Noaman

Mohammad Noaman

Postdoc on the YQO experiment 2018-2021
Avatar Aghabababaie

Alireza Aghabababaie

Scientific assistant on RQO experiment - Summer 2021
Avatar From

Mogens From

Bachelor student, student helper, master student on YQO project 2020/2021, control software guru, now server guru at ordbogen.dk
Avatar Hansen

Mikkel Hansen

Bachelor student on ytterbium experiment spring 2019, Master student on rubidium experiment 2020/2021
Avatar Navarrete

José Navarrete

Scientific assistant on YQO experiment 2019-2020. Next step: PhD student in Stockholm
Avatar Muriset

Philippe Muriset

Bachelor student on the RQO project spring 2020
Avatar Gugnani

Stuti Gugnani

Scientific assistant on the YQO project 2019. Now PhD at ICFO.
Avatar Lunt

Philipp Lunt

Master student and Cofather of YQO experiment 2018. Next step: PhD student in Jochim Group, Heidelberg
Avatar Nielsen

Aksel Nielsen

Master Student in the group 2018-2019
Avatar Jensen

Tøger Jensen

Bachelor student on rubidium experiment
Avatar Ball

Simon W. Ball

Postdoc in the group 2017-2019. Cofather of the ytterbium experiment
Avatar Bjørnstrøm

Julia Bjørnstrøm

PhD student 2018. Now teacher at HF & VUC Fyn.
Avatar Tresp

Christoph Tresp

PhD student and Postdoc group 2012-2018. Now at Toptica, research and development.
Avatar Braun

Christoph Braun

Master and PhD student 2016-2018. Now PhD student with Monika Aidelsburger, Munich.
Avatar Pedersen

Kristoffer Pedersen

Student project summer 2017.
Avatar Mirgorodskiy

Ivan Mirgorodskiy

PhD student 2014-2017
Avatar Christaller

Florian Christaller

Master student 2016-2017 – now PhD student with Tilman Pfau, Stuttgart
Avatar Paris-Mandoki

Asaf Paris-Mandoki

PostDoc 2015-2017
Avatar Zhou (周艳丽)

Yanli Zhou (周艳丽)

Visiting scholar – 2016 National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China
Avatar Chatterjee

Debanuj Chatterjee

WISE visiting student – 2016
Avatar Rockenhäuser

Marian Rockenhäuser

Bachelor student – 2016
Avatar Gorniaczyk

Hannes Gorniaczyk

Carl Zeiss Stiftung PhD Student – 2012-2015 Now working for Daimler
Avatar Weber

Sebastian Weber

Master Student – 2015 Now PhD student with Hanspeter Büchler
Avatar Schmidt

Johannes Schmidt

Master student 2014
Most recent news about our team
NQO Lab Christmas Calendar 2021

This years calendar is now online!

New bachelor student!

Julia Gamper will be the first bachelor student ever on the HQO experiment!

New master student!

Panagiota ➡ Peggy

New PhD students

Lukas and Cedric have joined the group, and we are very happy to have them on board.

Group pictures

2021 september group picture - the one where we all look OK.JPG

The group septemer 2021

2019 09 group photo

The group september 2019


The group March 2019


The group in October 2018

2018 group photo

Our Group in February 2018

2016 - Group photo - 11

<- The group in November 2016

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Group in May 2016

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Group 2015

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Group 2014

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