02. December 2015

New results on arXiv We have published new work on the single photon transistor on arXiv.

We have enhanced our single photon resistor by tuning it on a Förster resonance, and the results are now on arXiv!

Single photon transistor
Single photon transistor © NQO
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We are very happy to present our latest work on the single photon transistor! With experimental efforts on the implementation of electric field control, we were able to substantially enhance the transistor tuning it on a Förster resonance. At the same time, the system incorporates a pair state spectroscopy method.

Thanks to our theory collaborators Przemek Bienias and Hans Peter Büchler, we can nicely model the source polariton propagation through a gate excitation.

We further study the coherence properties of the gate spin-wave and find very good agreement with theory developed by Weibin Li and Igor Lesanovsky.

Find our results here: arXiv:1511.09445

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